• gallery25

    Vik – Iceland

  • e633c7ea4fb075f28188d0765d0bbcc6

    Langhe Autumn Morning sight

  • IMG_2572

    Thar Desert – (RAJASTHAN – India)

  • UluruRockWater (by Stefania Gallotta)

    Uluru rock water (Northern Territory -Australia)

    (by Stefania Gallotta)

  • AUStateline

    Monument Valley – (US)

    (by Fabio Davì)

  • IMG_0189

    Flowers in a sunny day (Maine)

  • IMG_0190

    Lovely signboard (Maine – USA)

  • IMG_0293

    Burlington Lake (Vermont – USA)

  • IMG_0751

    Cape of good Hope

    Cape of good hope (South Africa)

  • IMG_1480

    Byron Bay (East Australia)

  • IMG_0324

    Red Leaf (Vermont – USA)

  • IMG_0195

    Pink Thunderbird (Maine – USA)

  • Digital StillCamera

    Sunset at Kruger park (South Africa)

  • Digital StillCamera

    Tribal dance (Swaziland)

  • IMG_0912

    Sea Waterfall (South Africa)

  • P1000833

    Indian Family

  • P1000771

    Indian Women to the Temple

  • IMG_1631

    Twin Lions (South Africa)

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Codfather Seafood & Sushi, Camps Bay – Ristorante Recensioni, Numero di Telefono & Foto – TripAdvisor

It’s hard for me to give you a realistic picture of this restaurant , everything is perfect : location , kindness, food , drinks and not talking about prices , especially for European people. You should stop dear for a dinner , it is close to the city “Water front area” . There is a

Dec 01, 2016 Admin

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